Version 1.6.4 Released – Lots of new features (Including Yahoo fixes)

  • Excitement for all the YAHOO users out there. Yahoo now works better than before.  Ourpad now holds onto the yahoo session for a much longer time.
  • Site Manager added for the iPhone version and also made it better for the iPad.
  • A NEW lock mechanism that everyone loves to use on their iDevices. The PIN lock. Users can choose between a lock pattern and a PIN.
  • Added stability.
  • Improved performance.
  • Added some new user settings.
  • Added support and compatibility for many more sites.
  • Added support for HTTP Authentication, the kind that slides up from the bottom and you have to put in a login and password. Ourpad will enter the password for you for these situations as well.

Yahoo on iOS6 not working with 1.6.1 update

As some of you know iOS 6 is out. Apple once again did a switcharoo on part of the OS that makes Yahoo work. Obviously they made sure Safari would work but some apps that depended on this piece now have to adapt to it.

Consequently, we are aware of this situation and actively working on a fix for this as a high priority issue.

This will be fixed in the next 1.6.2 update that is currently underway.

We ask all of you using Yahoo on Our Pad for your patience while we deal with this situation.


Version 1.6 Feature List

We have add many new features in the latest version (1.6) of Our Pad. Some of those features are listed here.

  1.  Facebook Integration: You can now update your status, share photos and links directly from Our Pad. Also if you are viewing a link or article that someone else shared with you, you can re-share it from Our Pad. We have tried to provide the features in Our Pad that are missing from the general browser experience when accessing Facebook.
  2. Lock Pattern Recovery: Can’t remember what your lock pattern was when you set it? If you provided an accurate email address when you first created your User in Our Pad, then Our Pad will send you an email with your lock pattern. This is sent to you securely with encryption.
  3. Retina Support: We have updated the UI to support iPad 3 to give you a better experience.
  4. Many More Sites Supported: Our Pad version 1.6 now supports many websites. If you don’t see a website that is in the Our Pad repository, then simply add it using the “Add a Site” features.

Once again, we value our customers opinions and suggestions. If you have a feature that you would like to see in Our Pad, please send us a note. We will add your request to our queue so that it can evaluated and slated for a future release.


Don’t see a site listed? Just add it.

Our Pad 1.5 supports adding any site to it’s repository. The repository is kept on the device and stored securely. No other user can see the site that you added unless you mark it as “public”. So if you have a specific site that everyone in the house, school or business uses, then you can simply create it once. Every other user will be able to see it when adding their own account for it. To do this:

  • Just sign-in with your lock pattern and access the settings menu in the slider.
  • Tap the “Add a site” option.
  • Put in a URL or site address. Make sure you select “http” or secure http (https).
  • Give the site a name. The name should be a real name. For example, if you are adding you work webmail site, type the name of the company you work for. Tap “Next”.
  •  Choose an appropriate icon for the site. You can always go back and change the icon if you don’t have one available right now. Tap “Next”.
  • Add your account credentials. Tap “Save”.
  • You’re done!.

Now to make the site “Public” so that all users can see it in the repository- 

  • Tap the settings icon in the slider again. This time, tap the “Manage Site” button to view and manage your private sites.
  • Tap the switch next to the site you just added and turn it “ON” to make it public.
  • Close out of the window. You’re done!


Can’t Access Yahoo? Here is the solution.

Having trouble accessing your Yahoo account using OurPad? There were some changes introduced in iOS5.1 which Apple is currently investigating. iOS 5.1.1 didn’t fix the issue either. Regardless, to fix Yahoo, we had to implement a “workaround” solution which is available in OurPad 1.5.

So the solution is to simply make sure you are using the latest iOS version AND OurPad 1.5.

A “must have” for the household.

Does your iPad sit at the coffee table for passive browsing or checking the news from time to time? Does your spouse login to check his/her email and you have to sign out before signing in as yourself? Well Our Pad solves this dilemma quite easily.

Essentially, all you have to do is create separate profiles for you, your spouse and your children. Under the profile you setup all your accounts. Everyone’s accounts and their favorite sites are protected by an android style lock pattern. Just draw the pattern that you have previously setup and you’re a tap away from accessing the sites that you love the most. Best of all, you don’t have to type in your password. You’re in and you’re out. And the iPad is ready to be used by the next person.

All you have to do is press the “HOME” button to quit out of your session.

If you forgot to press the HOME button, don’t worry. As soon as the iPad goes to sleep, your sessions will be locked out so that the next person to use it isn’t able to access your information.

With our latest release you can add ANY site that requires a login and a password.

Make better use of the iPad. You spent $$$ on such an awesome device. We’d hate to see it become a coaster.

Get Our Pad now!.

What is Our Pad Mini?

When we first released Our Pad for iPad, we had some customers ask us if we were ever going to have the app available for the iPhone and iPod Touch. We hadn’t planned on it, simply because an iPhone and iPod is more of a personal device. However, we did understand the need for a ‘one-handed’ signin solution (without having to type in a password) for those smaller devices as well. Therefore we created Our Pad Mini. Also available on the Appstore. Best of all it’s FREE!.

At first glance, Our Pad Mini is still utilizing features from Our Pad 1.4. We do plan to upgrade that to support multiple tabs and the ability to add your own websites in the future and work is being done to support that.