Version 1.6 Feature List

We have add many new features in the latest version (1.6) of Our Pad. Some of those features are listed here.

  1.  Facebook Integration: You can now update your status, share photos and links directly from Our Pad. Also if you are viewing a link or article that someone else shared with you, you can re-share it from Our Pad. We have tried to provide the features in Our Pad that are missing from the general browser experience when accessing Facebook.
  2. Lock Pattern Recovery: Can’t remember what your lock pattern was when you set it? If you provided an accurate email address when you first created your User in Our Pad, then Our Pad will send you an email with your lock pattern. This is sent to you securely with encryption.
  3. Retina Support: We have updated the UI to support iPad 3 to give you a better experience.
  4. Many More Sites Supported: Our Pad version 1.6 now supports many websites. If you don’t see a website that is in the Our Pad repository, then simply add it using the “Add a Site” features.

Once again, we value our customers opinions and suggestions. If you have a feature that you would like to see in Our Pad, please send us a note. We will add your request to our queue so that it can evaluated and slated for a future release.